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Coaching Welcome Pack Toolbox

All the tools you need to start your thriving coaching practice or transform existing one, in one stunning professionally designed package

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Why get the Coaching Welcome Pack Toolbox now?

Spend your time on what TRULY matters:
growing your business and serving your clients.

Let’s face it. When you are self-employed, you are torn in a hundred different directions:

  • figuring out how to set up and maintain your website (major headache on its own!)
  • marketing your services (as if the website and tech headache wasn’t enough)
  • blogging
  • guest posting
  • updating social media
  • putting together new coaching packages
  • recording online courses
  • doing webinars
  • reading books and taking courses to polish your skills
  • reading magazines and periodicals to stay up-to-date in your industry
  • Do I need to go on?..
  • …and on?..

That’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!

And all that’s OVER and ABOVE your CORE BUSINESS, which is actually coaching your clients!

Hi, my name's Nata, and I've been there.

When I left my corporate job in 2013 (after 17+ years) to become self-employed, figuring everything out was so overwhelming that eighteen months later I was ready to give up and return to the corporate world.

Instead I took a deep breath and decided to seek help and outsource some particularly frustrating tasks. While this helped – a lot! – it was also very expensive.

I wish back then I had access to ready-made resources that were more affordable.

The good news is that now you do!

More people are looking for coaches than ever!

Before we dive into everything that’s included into the package, let’s first take a look at the state of the coaching industry:

  • The Personal Development Industry overall is currently worth $11.6 bn and is expected to rise at a staggering rate of 6% per annum.
  • By 2017, the coaching industry was believed to be a $2 billion global industry.
  • Life coaching has been the second fastest growing industry in the world for over ten consecutive years (behind only IT).
  • According to World Happiness Report, negative feelings — worry, sadness, and anger — have been rising around the world, up by 27% from 2010 to 2018.
  • Globally, in the nearly four decades between 1970 and 2008, the divorce rate has more than doubled, from 2.6 divorces for every 1,000 married people to 5.5.
  • A recent survey by a consulting company Korn Ferry found that overall employee stress levels have risen nearly 20% in three decades.

People are experiencing more stress and dissatisfaction both at work and in their relationships and experience more worry, anger and sadness.  They are also seeking to work with coaches more than ever, as coaching is becoming a mainstream profession and benefits of coaching are being widely recognised.

The bottom line is, people need you! They want your help! The work that coaches do is deeply meaningful and in high demand.

But you can’t do everything on your own (something I learned the hard way), you need help and support.

Particularly, if you are just getting started in your business.

This means learning to be ruthless in prioritising and safeguarding your precious time to focus on what truly matters most – growing your business and serving your clients!

What is included into the Coaching Welcome Pack Toolbox?

The Coaching Welcome Pack consists of 15 Coaching Tools that will help you confidently enrol new clients, stay organised and efficient and make a professional first impression.
  1. Coaching Contract Template
  2. New Client Welcome Letter Template
  3. Coaching Welcome Pack Checklist
  4. First Coaching Session Planner
  5. Coaching Questionnaire
  6. Focused Goal Setting Template
  7. The Wheel of Life Coaching Exercise
  8. GROW Model Coaching Questions
  9. Scaling Technique for Coaching
  10. Coaching Action Tracker
  11. Goals Progress Review Template
  12. Coaching Feedback Template
  13. Invoice Template
  14. Receipt Template
  15. Complimentary Session Gift Voucher Template

The Coaching Welcome Pack Toolbox contains everything you need to start enrolling new coaching clients with confidence and peace of mind.

What would it take to create the same tools yourself?

Here is what it took a team of professional researchers, writers, graphic designers and proofreaders to create this package:


Effort, Per Tool

1. Research

2 hrs

2. Writing

1 hrs

3. Graphic Design

2 hrs

4. Formatting

1 hrs

5. Proofreading and Editing

1 hrs

Total, per tool:

7 hrs

Total, 15 Tools:

105 hrs

Even if you work as fast as a professional team (which would be inhuman!), you’re still looking at spending more than 2.5 FULL-TIME WEEKS to create the same package!

How much is that time worth to you? The answer is simple: How much do you charge your coaching clients per hour? Now do the maths!

Even if you charge $100 per hour (many coaches charge much more than that!), spending over 100 hours creating this package is an equivalent of wasting over $10,000 worth of your precious time!

This is a mind boggling figure!

And it simply doesn’t make any sense.  Any business owner in their right mind would not consider it to be a wise investment of time and effort.

And if you’re not thinking like a business owner… well, neither did I when I was just starting out.  Is it any wonder my business was going nowhere… with a lightning speed?!

Because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing – trying to create everything myself.


What’s even worse is that the end result looked horrendous!

Because I’m not a professional designer! Neither am I a professional writer or proofreader.

And I suspect, neither are you.

My tools ended up looking silly and unprofessional, like a child’s drawing.

Super cute… if you are a 5-year-old.

Not so cute, if you are a professional coach, trying to impress your clients.

I had at least half a dozen different fonts and colours on the page, completely mismatched, ridiculous clipart images, blocks of tiny-sized unreadable text (because I wanted to stuff everything onto a page), lots of spelling and grammatical errors, which took me hours to correct, and simply awful formatting.

Having wasted many frustrating DAYS and WEEKS, I ended up with a bunch of tools that were completely unusable and simply embarrassing.

I was frustrated!

I poured my heart and soul into those tools.  I spent several weeks creating them, and they looked awful!  I did not have any energy left in me to fix them.

At this point I just wanted to throw my laptop out the window.

I knew I needed help, so I started looking for professional writers and designers to create tools that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to use with my coaching clients.

It was a much better way to do it, but it was EXPENSIVE!

How much would it cost to have these tools created for you?

If you’ve ever hired help, you are probably familiar with what this would involve.  Freelancers cost anywhere between $10 per hour for the cheapest ones, usually with very little experience, all the way to $200-$300 per hour (and even more!) for more seasoned professionals.

And the result is never guaranteed! (Yeap, I’ve hired my share of overpriced and terrible freelancers.)

It’s still better than doing it yourself, particularly if you happen to find talented yet still affordable writers and designers who just get you (good luck with that!)

If you decide to outsource it, you’re looking at spending:


Cost, Per Tool

1. Research

(2hrs x $25 per hour) $50.00

2. Writing

(1hr) $30.00

3. Graphic Design

(2 hrs x $30 per hour) $60.00

4. Formatting

(1hr) $10.00

5. Proofreading and Editing

(1hr) $10.00

Total, per tool:


Total, 15 Tools:


And that’s a bare minimum estimate assuming you’re hiring people who charge minimum fees.  MOST writers and designers, if they are any good, charge more.  Much more!

And the cost is not just what you pay for their services, it’s also the time you sink into vetting people, explaining what you’re looking for, reviewing their work, giving feedback, going through several rounds of revisions… and on… and on… and on…

One way or another, you will either be spending a ridiculous amount of time
or an equally ridiculous amount of money.​

Or you could get this beautiful professionally designed toolbox at a very affordable price.

Instantly download, insert your logo and contact details and that’s it!

You could be done within minutes and have a stunning professional looking Welcome Pack ready to be sent to your new Coaching Client!

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Here is what's included into the Coaching Welcome Pack:

Coaching Contract Template

This professional Coaching Contract sample covers standard terms and conditions, payment process, disclaimers, indemnities and more.

Coaching Exercise: Wheel of Life

This highly popular Coaching tool helps your Client visualise their life balance and instantly identify areas that need attention.

GROW Coaching Model: Questions

Inspired by the famous GROW Model of Coaching, these insightful questions will help you guide the Client through the key stages of the framework.

First Coaching Session Planner

Stay organised and avoid overwhelm. This useful planner covers everything you need to do before, during and after the first coaching session.

Welcome Letter Template

Start the new Coaching relationship with a warm welcome.  This sample letter covers all the important essentials before the first session.

Focused Goal Setting Worksheet

Instantly focus on what matters to your Client and get insight into what motivates them and what could hinder their progress towards the goals.

Scaling Technique for Coaching

How can you measure goals that are intangible, ‘soft’ and seem impossible to quantify? Scaling Technique is an effective visual way to do that.

Coaching Questionnaire

Collect important data about your Client that is relevant to your Coaching engagement.  Keep all the critical information handy on one sheet.

Coaching Welcome Pack Checklist

Are you prepared to welcome your new coaching client? This simple checklist covers all the essentials to include into the welcome packet.

Coaching Action Tracker

Accountability is one of the Coach’s key roles.  Keep track and follow up on actions the Client commits to during the Coaching sessions.

Goal Progress Review Worksheet

Give your Coaching Client a measure of progress, celebrate interim achievements and help them stay motivated and focused on the end result.

Complimentary Session Vouchers

There is no better way to gain new clients than word of mouth.  Offer your existing clients to share Vouchers with friends and colleagues.

Coaching Feedback Form

Continuously improve and polish your Coaching style and offerings by collecting feedback from your Clients using this well thought-out form.

Invoice Template

Get the admin out of the way!  Use this simple and elegant form to help both you and your Client stay on top of financial arrangements.

Receipt Template

Acknowledge payment for your own and your Client’s peace of mind using this professional watermarked receipt template.

You will receive a full Private Label Rights (PLR) License!

You will get access to fully editable Microsoft Word (.docx) files that you can customise any way you like. Most importantly – you will get a full PLR (private label rights) license, which means that you can:

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These tools are sold separately for $9.97 each under a PLR license.  If you were to buy them individually, you would pay $149.55!

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Regular Price


Special Offer


Here are the many different ways you could use these tools in your coaching practice:

  • Use in your coaching sessions with Clients
  • Use as pre-work before the first session or assignments between the sessions
  • Give away as an opt-in offer on your website to attract subscribers
  • Use as part of your online course or as a bonus to attract more students
  • Include in your ebook
  • Post on social media and engage your audience
  • Use as printouts for training participants in a face-to-face training
  • Use in webinars as part of content or as a bonus
  • Use in your email marketing to engage your subscribers
  • Add to your membership site

The possibilities are limitless!

We’ve done all the hard work for you!  Simply add your logo and start using immediately.  

100% Money-Back Guarantee: 30 DAYS

If you’re not fully satisfied with the Coaching Welcome Pack Toolbox for whatever reason, simply request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

No questions asked. No hard feelings.

There is absolutely no risk to you.

Get the Coaching Welcome Pack Toolbox with confidence and peace of mind.  Created and designed by professionals for professionals.

*** Special offer! Grab the Coaching Welcome Pack Toolbox today with 82% discount! ***

Hi, I’m Nata.  I have 25+ years of experience and Master of Science in Industrial-Organisational Psychology.

Over 17 years I spent in a Fortune Top 10 company working in HR, Learning & Development, and Performance Management.

Since 2013 I’m been self-employed as a coach, consultant, instructional designer and business owner.

I know what it’s like to try and do everything yourself and feel overwhelmed and paralysed by fears and doubts, wasting days and weeks on things that don’t bring you new clients.

I’ve created this pack to help you be more efficient, effective and productive, and actually spend your time DOING THINGS THAT MATTER – growing your business and serving your clients!

P.S.  It’s time to start thinking like a business owner.  Save your precious time and money and get this excellent done-for-you Toolbox now!  Feel confident and prepared to great your new Coaching Client.  Everything you need to get started with Coaching your Clients today.

Instantly Download the Coaching Welcome Pack and start using with your Clients straightaway.

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Grab 15 Professionally designed Coaching Tools with a Private Label License today!


What is the Private Label Rights (PLR) License?

Private Label Rights (PLR) License allows you to put your own branding on the tools and edit them in any way you like.

What CAN I do under the PLR License?

1. You will get fully customisable documents (Microsoft Word .docx format)

2. You can make any changes to the documents without limitation, including any text and content elements, as well as any design, layout and branding elements, e.g. logo, contact details, brand colours and fonts.

3. You can sell the tools individually or as part of a different product (e.g. include in an online course, ebook or training package)

4. You can give them away for free (e.g. as an opt-in offer for subscribers, bonus for a different product, webinar giveaway etc.)

Are there any limitations?  What CAN’T I do under the PLR License?

1. You cannot pass on the PLR license to others.  You are purchasing a PLR license for one person only.  You cannot pass on resale and distribution rights to other people and authorise them to use the tools other than as part of their direct engagement with you.

2. You cannot sell or give away for free the entire Toolbox as a Package or as an Independent Product.  You can use, sell or give away for free only the individual tools, you can also include them into other products or packages.

3. You cannot claim copyrights to any of the content or tools or the Toolbox as a whole, as it is used by multiple individuals and organisations.

What if I’m not happy with the product?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, for whatever reason, request a refund within 30-days and you will get 100% money-back,  no questions asked.

*** Special offer! Grab the Coaching Welcome Pack Toolbox today with 82% discount! ***