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Warm Welcome to Owl Toolbox!

This website is a collection of fun and practical tools, activities and exercises for personal and professional development, backed by research in Psychology.

Personal Use

You are welcome to download and use the tools for your own development.  Personal use is FREE!

Professional Use: Download BRANDABLE Tools!

As most tools are written as a ‘self-help’ resource, this allows you not only to use them for yourself, but also easily share them with your coaching clients or training participants.

In addition, for many tools there are also instructions and tips written specifically for coaches and training facilitators on when, where and how to use these tools and activities for best results.

If you would like to download editable tools, check out our shop.

You can put your own logo, change the colour scheme to match your brand and otherwise modify any element of the tools to best suit your audience.

Download tools in Microsoft Office and Apache Open Office formats. Check the tool description before buying.

Professional Use License

Purchasing a Professional Use License gives you the right to use the tools only as part of your professional activities. You can modify and share the tools with your coaching clients, training participants or staff members (if you are an organisational leader, people manager or HR professional).

Under the Professional Use License you cannot resell the tools or give them away (e.g. on your website) to others who are NOT directly engaged with you as clients, training participants or staff members.

The professional use license is for use by one person only.