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How gratitude empowers workplaces

We all know the frustrating feeling of our good work going unrecognised. In business, this lack of gratitude can prove damaging, even terminal, as employees move on to greener pastures. Numerous studies in occupational psychology attest to the positive benefits of gratitude. In the workplace, gratitude may be present (or not) in all our interactions […]

A wandering mind is an unhappy mind, researchers find

Human beings, unlike other species, spend much of their time thinking about past events, possible future events or even impossible events, rather than focusing on what is going on around them. This ‘mind wandering’ allows us to plan, learn and reason, but could it also be causing unhappiness? The study In order to test this […]

Mastery goals and how they affect work engagement and stress levels

At the end of a long working day, why do some individuals get carried away with work and lose track of time, whilst others feel worn out and can’t wait to leave the office? While there are many factors contributing to work-related fatigue and disengagement, researchers from the Netherlands and Belgium focused on mastery-related goals […]

What do millennials want in the workplace?

There are a lot of generalisations around younger people, but a new study by the American Research Institute for Policy Development has yielded some interesting results. The study was geared towards younger people entering the job market, and sought to identify the particular positions that are attractive to a millennial job seeker. The study As […]