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Private Label Rights (PLR) License Terms

What is the Private Label Rights (PLR) License?

Private Label Rights (PLR) License allows you to put your own branding on the documents and edit them in any way you like.

What CAN I do under the PLR License?

You will get fully customisable documents (Microsoft Word .docx format).

1. You can make any changes to the documents without limitation, including any text and content elements, as well as any design, layout and branding elements, e.g. logo, contact details, brand colours and fonts.

2. You can sell the tools individually or as part of a different product (e.g. include in an online course, ebook or training package)

3. You can give them away for free (e.g. as an opt-in offer for subscribers, bonus for a different product, webinar giveaway etc.)

Are there any limitations?  What CAN’T I do under the PLR License?

1. You cannot pass on the PLR license to others.  You are purchasing a PLR license for one person only.  You cannot pass on resale and distribution rights to other people and authorise them to use the tools other than as part of their direct engagement with you.

2. You cannot sell or give away for free the entire Toolbox as a Package or as an Independent Product.  You can use, sell or give away for free only the individual tools, you can also include them into other products or packages.

3. You cannot claim copyrights to any of the content or tools or the Toolbox as a whole, as it is used by multiple individuals and organisations.