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How to Create a Winning Coaching Welcome Packet

Welcome Your Coaching Clients with Confidence

What is a Coaching Welcome Packet

A Coaching Welcome Packet is like a little care package that coaches give to their new clients at the start of their coaching relationship. It’s a collection of materials that help set expectations, establish boundaries, and give the client an idea of what the coaching process will be like.

What should be included into a Coaching Welcome Packet

Here are some things that a Coaching Welcome Packet might include:

1. Introduction Letter

A brief intro letter that welcomes the client to the coaching relationship and explains a bit about the coaching process. This is a great way to break the ice and make the client feel comfortable.

Remind the client about the date and time of the upcoming session and anything that needs to happen before coaching can begin (e.g. contract to be signed, invoice to be paid etc.).

Don’t forget include your business card, paper or digital.

2. Coaching Contract

A coaching agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the coaching relationship. This might cover things like the length of the coaching, the cost, and what each person’s responsibilities are.

3. Session Schedule

If your coaching arrangement has a specific start and end date and an agreed number of
sessions, you may want to include a list of dates, times and contact details.

4. New Client Questionnaire

A coaching assessment or questionnaire that helps you understand your client’s needs, goals, and challenges. This can be really helpful for tailoring the coaching experience to the client’s specific situation.

5. Coaching Exercise

Some coaching activities and exercises work well early in the coaching process and could be used even before the first session begins. The Wheel of Life is a popular tool for this. If you use any tests or personality assessments in your coaching practice, you could include one of them in your Welcome Pack. Choose something short and interesting! You want your client to get excited, not overwhelmed.

6. Initial Invoice

If applicable, include the first invoice. Depending on your terms, it could cover just the first session or the first month/quarter. Indicate clearly if you require an advance payment before coaching can begin.

7. Gift

A small gift could be a pleasant surprise at the beginning of a coaching relationship and remain a nice keepsake long after coaching ends. Typical gifts are branded stationery, small meaningful souvenirs, an ebook, a motivational poster etc. Ideally, the gift should be branded and relevant to your coaching topic.

When should a Coaching Welcome Packet be shared with a new client

Send the Coaching Welcome Packet as soon as the new client signs up, ideally before the first session. If your client needs to take action before coaching can begin – e.g. sign the coaching agreement, pay the first invoice, fill out a questionnaire – let them know when these need to be returned to you.

Why do you absolutely must have a Coaching Welcome Packet

Putting together a Welcome Packet for new coaching clients is super important to kick off a successful coaching relationship. By giving clients key info like the coaching agreement, a warm welcome message, and coaching resources that are relevant to them, coaches can make their clients feel more at ease and excited to start working with them.

It makes you look professional.

If you put in the effort to create an awesome Welcome Packet, you’re bound to give your clients a great coaching experience that they’ll be stoked about!

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